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Children under 12 will not be admitted.
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2hr (inc. interval)
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Booking until 26 September 2020.
Recommended for ages 12 and above.
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Please note that the doors close five minutes prior to performance.

The Woman In Black Customer Reviews

4 / 5 (935 customer reviews)

Sam Jones

13 hours ago

I arrived at the theatre full of excitement and expectation. An actor appeared on stage and he was reading something out in a quiet voice, although not so quiet as to be inaudible. The words he said did not immediatley excite me, however a few seconds later they did begin to bore me. However to my surprise and temporary excitement, another actor appeared at the back of the theatre and it became clear this was some kind of audition. The younger actor who had appeared was attempting to hilariously train this person how to act on stage, how to really captivate an audience and I breathed a sigh of relief as I realised this was simply a gag and that the real show was still to come. The younger actor and the older actor had an air of banter about them, the sort of banter that only those involved in the banter could understand and find humour in said banter. They seemed to have decided on this gag involving one of them reading written text out in a boresome way, with the other one, allegedly, turning this into something of amusement by making quips about how boring he was and how he could improve. The gag went on and on and on with the repetition that all great jokes rely on. The gag didn't end and prevailed throughout the entirety of the performance, much to the amusement of the less able to understand humour part of the audience. The performance contained some jumpy moments for those virgin to a 12a rated horror film. We were told early on as an audience that we would need to use our imagination, in terms of imagining a basket for instance as a horse or a bed etc. However the biggest leap of imaginary faith, came with imagining the humans in front of us were in fact actors.

Tallie Guy

21 hours ago

Walked out half way through... not great

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